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The Webby Awards. They are called the Oscars of the internet and here’s why: They compile the most interesting, fabulous, well-designed websites there are, then have you vote on which you think is truly the best. These days everybody has a web presence – whether its an email, linkedin site, web site, facebook, twitter, or even a profile with a professional organization like AIGA.

I first heard about the Webby Awards when I was an employee, helping to re-build the Workplace Fairness (WF) website. WF provides legal information on employment law in lay terms. So, if you are having trouble at your job or want to know what your rights are as an employee, you can go there and find it without a bunch of lawyer speak. WF was nominated for a Webby in 2007 and again in 2009, please vote here.

Here are the top three NEW (to me) sites that I found on this year’s Webby nominee list.

1. Wordle.net

Wordle is basically an interface that takes any collection of text and does something creative with it. It changes up the colors and fonts and you can keep randomizing the pattern until you see fit. I used the first paragraph description of my Pushcart Design website to get this:

Pushcart Design got wordled.

Pushcart Design got wordled.

2. Red Bubble

Red Bubble bills itself as an artist gallery and community.  From what I get it’s kind of a cross between etsy.com and zazzle.com. Etsy being a hub of creators, selling any kind of ware from home made stationary, to t-shirts to belt buckles. Zazzle is more like a cafepress for when you have a creative design that you would like to put on a t-shirt, mug, etc. Red Bubble is a place where you can post your photographs, t-shirt designs, or art prints and RB acts as an agent to sell your work. You get to choose what you’d like to make on each item and RB will take care of everything else from printing (t-shirts are only printed on sweat-free American Apparel) to shipping. They send you a check every month for every item that you’ve sold. I’ve yet to try it, but hope to soon.

3. 8tracks

If yr like me and grew up in the 70’s or 80’s, you probably remember spending hours slaving away a the perfect mix tape for your new or old friend. Nothing seemed more satisfying than finding the combination where the songs just slide into each other, representing whatever mood or feeling that you were going for. Mix tapes have evolved and left the shell of the cassette behind (i’m working on a craft project to make something practical with my old cassette tapes), turning into mix CDs and ipod playlists.

8tracks allows you to create a mix tape without ever leaving your computer. No silly cassette decks, no turntable (though I still have mine), no blank CDs, just your itunes, their interface, and pure magic. You get to choose the artwork (which was always half the fun of a mix tape, anyway). It’s kinda cool, actually. Then all you need to do is give your friend where they can find the mix, and they get to share the magic.

You can listen to my mix-tape, ‘Stuck In The Nineties’, by clicking on the image.

Mural from the ABC NO RIO squat in NYC.

And that’s about it. Don’t forget to vote for Workplace Fairness (categories > activism > law) and check out the rest of the great sites nominated for webby awards.

The good to know blog will be bloggin’ at you again soon.

Bloggin' at Gaylords

Bloggin' at you this week from Gaylords Cafe on Piedmont Ave


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